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The advantages of Marie and her partners

Gastronomic activities

Touraine, the land of François Rabelais, stands out for its vineyards, its wines and its famous appellations: Chinon, Bourgueil, Vouvray…

Touraine wines embody the spirit of sharing and conviviality.

Marie and her winemaking partners invite you to discover a sensory experience that will make you want to come back and develop your curiosity.

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Our partner winegrowers

Drawing-based artistic activities

activités artistique week end séjour gite en touraine une maison-unjardin.com

At Une Maison, Un jardin, we love Art! After a great experience at the direction of an International Art Gallery between Paris, Berlin, London, New York, we like to share in REAL!

During your stay at Une Maison, Un Jardin, Marie will offer you drawing activities where you can unleash your creativity and discover new activities with pleasure:

Art workshops: Drawing, painting, watercolour, sketching from a drawing
Awakening workshops: walking notebooks
Portraits: imaginary portraits

BOOK your session : €20.00 per session per person, materials provided.

Need a change of scene, a chance to unwind...