9 chemin de la Grange aux moines 37510 Berthenay

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Our eco-tourism approach

We give an important place to respect the environment in our house.
The goal: to be an eco-responsible place, respecting the well-being of our guests.

We choose providers and suppliers committed to sustainable and social development.

You will find on site documents and contacts to limit travel by car: bike rental, shuttles, public transport, walks.

We manage our water and electricity consumption as closely as possible. Help us be exemplary!

LED bulbs or low consumption on luminaires…

Sorting points in the garden…

To reduce the carbon footprint and support the local economy, we offer local products, from short circuits and Indre et Loire.

Our products used for maintenance are eco-labelled: better air quality, better health!

In order to satisfy our guests, to improve the quality of our cottage,
we invite you to share your constructive suggestions.